Eyewear in the 1920s

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It was the decade that followed World War I with groundbreaking inventions that turned the world upside down. It was the time of a fresh new approach to life and a yearning desire of breaking off old traditions and taboos. It was the Jazz Age with flappers dancing at the rhythm of the Charleston. It  … Read more

You’ve chosen your favourite sunglasses, but do they have the right sunglassES lenses for you? It goes without saying that when choosing sunglasses, aside from their look and fit the most important thing you should focus is the choice of the right sunglasses lenses for protection of your eyes and visibility performance. As a matter  … Read more

Sunglass Lenses - OBLYK Eyewear - Handmade Italian Sunglasses

This is what makes OBLYK different

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How OBLYK was born I think everything we do in life, starting from making a sandwich to writing a book, says something deep and unique about who we are. As for myself I have always been a little bit of a square peg with the tendency of going against the grain and never really do  … Read more

Italian handmade sunglasses. Say no more! Here’s the scenario: browsing away sunglasses in a eyewear store looking for something not only cool, but valuable at the same time that justifies the spillage of your hard earned money. After trying a few pairs you come across another one similar in style, though slightly pricier. You flip  … Read more

How to choose the right sunglasses?

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Although it may sound like a no brainer, choosing the right pair of sunglasses is not quite as straightforward as one thinks. Sure we all want to look appropriately cool in a pair of sunglasses but at the same time we want to ensure we wear a good quality product that not only protects our  … Read more