How to choose the right sunglasses?

By oblyk,

Although it may sound like a no brainer, choosing the right pair of sunglasses is not quite as straightforward as one thinks.

Sure we all want to look appropriately cool in a pair of sunglasses but at the same time we want to ensure we wear a good quality product that not only protects our eyes but also lasts more than a season…and of course all this for a fair price.

So for the sake of it we thought we provide you with some insights and helpful guidelines on the matter.

#1: Sunglasses fit

This is the first thing to consider.

All in all sunglasses go right on top of your pretty face and If they don’t fit well they will make you look silly, be uncomfortable or both together.

Generically talking square frames provide definition making them ideal for a roundish face. Round frames soften edges and provide a rather intellectual look.

Aviators and D shape frames are the most widely used since they fit most faces.

As far as size goes this should be proportional to your head’s dimension with frame’s width same as the one of your head.

#2: Sunglasses style

This should reflect the way you want to portrait yourself and the type of outfit you will be wearing with. Remember how the say goes “everything has its time and place”.

Wear something suitable to your complexity, your age and the environment you are in.

Don’t try to look something you are not. Ideally you want to look for versatile and timeless sunglasses that can be worn with most of outfits and in most of situations.

#3: Sunglasses lens

Look for high quality lenses in either CR39 or glass material.

For strong sun conditions it is best to choose category 3 lenses with polarization and antireflection coating as the latter eliminates the invasive mirror effect at the back of lenses.

If you use your sunglasses while driving or flying machines avoid polarised lenses as they inhibit visibility of digital screens.

Category 2 lenses are for medium sun light and category 1 are fashion lenses to be used purely for aesthetical purposes, as they offer virtually no protection.

#4: Sunglasses price

Set a budget you feel comfortable with but be realistic and remember that there is always a reason for cheap prices.

Traditionally brands calculate prices taking in consideration cost of product and business running costs.

The sum of all these costs is then multiplied by a markup >3 to make up the final price. Obviously the bigger the brand, the higher the running costs and markup resulting to a much higher price.

Be aware that many popular brands leverage from their status to inflate prices and in order to save money they notoriously have parts made in Asian countries for then having these parts assembled in a premium country like Italy, Japan or US specifying the latter as the manufacturing country.

Reality is if you are looking for real value for money you need to dig a little deeper and search in the endless online market.

Though thanks to today’s technology and the opportunity that this has created for some new brands to run their own business online at low cost you could come across some hidden gems.

Why OBLYK is the right choice

At OBLYK we specialise in producing high quality sunglasses, entirely handmade in Italy and using only premium materials and lenses.

By selling our sunglasses directly from our website we are able to cut off running costs and offer our customers far greater value for money than many other brands in the market.

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