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By oblyk,

How OBLYK was born

I think everything we do in life, starting from making a sandwich to writing a book, says something deep and unique about who we are.

As for myself I have always been a little bit of a square peg with the tendency of going against the grain and never really do things on a straight line. Never followed trends and never liked doing the same thing as everybody else.

I started designing sunglasses in 2013 following an unplanned trip to Cadore (Northern Italy) due the sad loss of a very important person in my life. It wasn’t a happy time and I wasn’t certainly seeking new opportunities either.

It all happened by chance while in a café drinking an espresso and casually talking to a barista. I realise I was in a Alpine village where mostly any sign, business, shop and manufacturer had something to do with eyewear.

Out of pure curiosity I asked the barista for directions to a near eyewear manufacturer. I went there and unexpectedly I came across an authentic artisan eyewear workshop that made sunglasses frames entirely by hand.

I was so impressed by the whole process and final product that an idea sparked to my mind of creating my own style of sunglasses: a range of timeless handcrafted sunglasses inspired by the 1920’s with a twist that would make them unique.

For that I had to come up with a name that would encapsulate the whole essence. I thought about words and synonyms, which I could use and forge in order to make up a name.

That’s when the word “oblique” came up to me.

Why “oblique”?

Because it’s the opposite of “straight” and that goes the same with my approach in life. So to make it original I thought of twisting this word and changing the letter “I” with “Y” and “QUE” with “K”.

That’s how the name “OBLYK” was born.

Influenced by bespoke tailoring

OBLYK takes inspiration from heritage bespoke tailoring and the 1920’s period when all men used to wear suits and hats.

Having been brought up by a family of artisans (my father was a pâtissier and my grandfather was a shoemaker) and having taken up a career in men’s bespoke tailoring I appreciate artisanship and love anything that is handcrafted and has a story behind.

Hence my passion for bespoke tailoring has a big influence in the making of OBLYK.

The whole tailoring process of a handmade bespoke suit has always been something incredibly fascinating to me.

Starting from the fabric and the materials that make up a bespoke suit to every single step carried out by a group of highly skilled people (cutter and team of tailors) working together, layer upon layer, stitch after stitch to accomplish the entire garment.

The final result is a one of a kind.

A garment that although as new and yet to be worn has already gone through a life journey. Almost like an old soul that has already lived a life in the past and is about to start a new one.

Now being worn by a man who will shape it and forge it based on his unique lifestyle.

As years go past a bespoke suit becomes to a man almost like a second skin and turns into something very special and personal that almost tells a story about his life’s journey.

Although it goes without saying that what goes into a bespoke suit is far greater than sunglasses, OBLYK’s aim is not to replicate that process, but rather to convey the same message through the creation of quality handcrafted eyewear pieces that carry a story behind and last for years to come aging gracefully and preserving the signs of time.


Massimo Guglielmi
Founder of OBLYK


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