Our Story

OBLYK was created in 2014 by Sydney based Italian born tailor Massimo Guglielmi following an unplanned trip to Northern Italy.

“I remember I was sitting in a cafe sipping coffee in a little village of Val Cadore (Dolomites Mountains), when I suddenly realised I was in the heart of Italy’s most iconic area of eyewear production. Little did I know about that industry, but I was curious to find out more about since I always loved wearing fine sunglasses.



So I asked the barista for directions to a high quality eyewear factory, which was literally a block away. Once arrived I got greeted by a kind old man who welcomed me in his factory.

It was a small family run workshop with just a handful of skilled artisans making optical frames with their own hands, same as it was done hundreds of years ago. The final product was truly amazing with exceptional quality noticeable from every single detail.

I was absolutely blown away as I couldn’t believe this was still real in these days and I instantly fell in love for it!”

Drawing inspiration from his passion for bespoke tailoring where everything is made by hand and his obsession with the 1920’s period where gentlemen used to wear suits and round glasses, Massimo went on to create OBLYK with a main goal in mind: create authentic handcrafted artisan Italian eyewear pieces of exceptional quality at unmatchable price.